Fly Fishing for Trout in Franschhoek

Fly fishing has become a favourite past time for thousands of South Africans. For many, the vision of themselves standing with a fishing rod and cool beverage in hand while surrounding by friends and a lit braai in the background in too irresistible for works. La Ferme offers the perfect location for us to live out this dream; while surrounded by the magnificently beautiful Helderberg mountain range and the famous vineyards of the Cape Winelands, La Ferme offers luxurious self-catering in accommodation.

La Ferme has four dams available for fly-fishing and stock rainbow trout, brown trout (in the river) large mouth bass, some small mouth bass, grass carp, some witvis and tilapia. The Wemmers River flows through the La Ferme property, bringing with it natural brown and rainbow trout. La Ferme has chosen to work on a catch and release and strictly no-barbs on hooks policy, the rules are quite strict but that is to protect the stock. Guests who are fishing can choose whether they purchase the fish that they catch or give it to La Ferme to freeze. If they wish to take their catches home with them, guests can pay R85 per kilogram (un gutted).

La Ferme offers self-catering accommodation, they go out of their way to ensure that their guests are looked after. While guests are free to fish in the dams on their own, guides can also be booked in advance to teach fishing to those with no experience. The fish are quite easily visible in the dam, making for a fun family day out. La Ferme is strictly self-catering, creating a very informal and relaxed atmosphere. Braai's can be hired from the reception area. Fish braai's have proven to be incredibly popular amongst guests.

Although fly fishing for trout and the other fish species is the most popular activity enjoyed by those staying at La Ferme, there are many other outdoors activities to enjoy, most of which can be participated in throughout the year. Small local wildlife species (including springboks, ostrich, ducks and geese) can be found on the farm making simply sitting outdoors and observing the environment and exciting and relaxing activity. Biking, horse-riding, tree line slides and trail running can also be enjoyed, as can visits to the local town of Franschhoek or Stellenbosch. This region, however, is most popular for producing the famous wines of the Cape Wine Route if you have a morning or afternoon free, visiting a local vineyard is an absolute must.

Fly fishing for trout in Franschhoek is a truly relaxing holiday. While set in the truly idyllic setting of the Cape Winelands, La Ferme offers a relaxing getaway for anyone, and regardless of whether you're a fly fishing enthusiast or a novice with a fishing rod this beautiful self-catering accommodation establishment will leave you feeling refreshed and truly relaxed.

Contact La Ferme for more information about their packages, rates and to book a luxurious and care-free holiday in the heart of the magnificent Cape Winelands.